I am currently a Ph.D. student, working towards a degree in Bioinformatics and Computation Biology at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.

A member of the GERMS lab, run by Dr. Adina Howe, in the department of Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering. Our research focuses on environmental microbiomes and metagenomes; predominantly soil, but also water-systems, manure, and even flower nectar.

My research pursuit has been producing analysis tools for reproducible research in microbiome studies. As part of this I have built an R-package for various common, but non-trivial, functions used in working with these datasets; including data curation, annotation, computation, and visualization. I have also developed various other research tools for my lab, all hosted on my Github page.

My research story started with molecular genetics, working in a wet-lab conducting PCR and DNA sequencing analyses with bac-libraries for gene identification. After that, I moved towards quantitative genetics, working within plant breeding labs conducting computational analyses with marker data and plant populations. This work is where i found my interest in pipeline/tool development and decided the pursuit of a degree in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology better suited my skillset.

Outside of research I have an interest in strategy games and fantasy/sci-fi novels. My favorite game series of all time is the Civilization turn-based strategy series. Favorite books series: the Kingkiller Chronicle by Pattrick Rothfuss.

In recent years I have also been fortunate to travel to various parts of the world. The more exotic places were on birding trips with my father, like the background picture I am using that I took at the Canopy Tower in Panama.